Personal Note from Mistress Kat Morgan

Posted April 23, 2024

Following a personal loss, Mistress Kat Morgan shares where she gets her bossy from. The apple doesn't fall from the tree.

One Chapter Has Closed

For those of you who do not know, my mother passed away on Sunday, April 14th. She was ill for many years but the past 6 months have been exhausting. She is finally at peace. I was there pretty much everyday for approximately 6 hours. Her last week of life I laid in bed with her often while she rode out a heart attack. That was probably the worst thing I ever had to do. I am wrapping up her affairs with the help of my sister.

On a side note, I know where I get my bossy from.

After my mother had a heart attack she requested I do a video call with my 3 siblings. She laid there and said, “as you know I will be gone soon. Your sister (that is me) is now the Matriarch. I need to hear you all say, you will listen to her.” My 3 siblings said, ok. As weak as my mother was she said strongly, “I need to hear you say, “I so & so will obey my sister as she is in charge now.” Hahahahaha they each had to say their name and say they will OBEY me.

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

I want to thank all of you who have reached out, I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. If I missed getting back with anyone, please accept my apology.

I know my social media has slipped over the past several months, I scheduled no photoshoots and worked less.

Please be patient, I do return emails and I am scheduling sessions. I will be scheduling a photoshoot soon.


Hi Goddess Jokari, (This is how my sub addresses me. It is the name of a paddle. LOL)

I thought I might offer a testimonial to your newbies.

As a sub of over 4 years of Miss Kat I thought I would offer some advice to new subs. First and most importantly, never try to top from the bottom.

Mistress Kat Morgan is the best of the best and she can take you to the highest form of ecstasy if you will let her.

There is a difference between topping from the bottom and making suggestions. Myself personally I am at a point with Miss Kat where I only have to say one word and she knows where to take the session. The more you see her the better the sessions will be, I promise you that.

You’ll never find a better Dom than Domina Kat Morgan. The best there ever was and the best there will ever be. Book your session today

Feedback from a sub

This sub has been coming to me for several years:

His comments:
Feet rub/worship – my pleasure.
Spanking – always enjoyable, might need more as marks are almost gone.
Cane – different sensation, also enjoyed, will try again.
Mummy– the soft material was very nice.
Vampire cock wrap – fun surprised, I liked it, not too intense.
Tickling – always a favorite, I like hearing the excitement when you find a new spot.
Violet wand – (this is from me) he handled the rubber attachments that no one else has handled. I did make him nervous when I accidentally zapped myself.
Wax / Ice – caught me off guard with the wax but a nice sensation to mix it up. Smelled like a birthday party.
Feet Tease – I really enjoyed when you put your foot in my mouth.
Ears – You found a weak spot when you were whispering in my ears.
Nice/Mean – I like the sensual Mistress Kat and mean Mistress Kat. Feel free to switch it up if I am having too much fun. hahaha
Ending – the cobra thing is crazy strong.
Aftercare – Very relaxing and sweet

Thanks again for the great time … so far my favorite session.

This next part is from me Mistress Kat Morgan: (This sub is younger but has huge health challenges and I have watched him as his health has gone downhill. ) I know you do not have an easy life and your health has changed your lifestyle. I love your positive outlook on life itself but more importantly I love that I can bring you a joy that you so deserve!!!!


Duo’s with Skyler will be coming to an end. Our last duo is scheduled for Friday the 19th of April.

Mistress Madeline is sitting in for free to observe sessions. If you are interested in her watching to learn, please let me know. She has limited availability and she will only watch once for free. After that there is a tribute.

Keep in mind I do have bulls available for forced bi sessions as well as T Girls – Danielle & Chelsea.

Duo’s with Ginger are available as well.

I do have some interviews coming up to see if there is anyone else that might work well with my demands. LOL


If your schedule does not permit meeting in person, keep in mind you may schedule a phone session here

A phone session can be what you want it to be:

A role play
Just to chat
To discuss fetishes or kink things you wish to explore
Some like to hear about other sessions that are similar to the ones they like.
During phone sessions I cover topics that I won’t do in person. (example Diaper play)


To see my gift list on Amazon is click here.

If someone wishes to purchase something that is not on my Amazon list, I will give you my P.O. Box to have it shipped there.

Your Mistress,
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