Dominatrix Michigan


Dominatrix Michigan

Secrets Unspoken

Words of devotion

If you wish to share a note of gratitude and adoration, you may email DominaKatMorgan@safeoffice.com.

Domina Kat's energy is absolutely electric.

The experience itself was mind boggling for me...Every time Mistress would try something new on me, my body would just explode with excitement. Mistress would always ask if I was okay and could I take more. Of course my answer was always Yes Mistress.

I will say this you have had an amazing influence on my life so for that I really want to thank you Mistress Kat.

You were so nice yesterday, you melted me I felt like a bug crawling into a spiderweb, and I loved it...

Again, thank you for the service you provide for…from all of us out here who need a safe place to live out our dreams.

You have rejuvenated me. I just stepped back 25 years, physically and mentally. You’re an angel, a miracle worker, an amazing woman. I’m glad I met you Mistress Kat

I want you to lose yourself in my submission. I want my Mistress to feel so wholly loved, to not just know she is loved, but to experience that love at a somatic level.

You are the best there is, the best there ever was. You are in a class of professionalism that is the gold standard and you are such a wonderful person, in so many ways

She owned me from the start. Her mind, attitude, experience, empathy and dominant soul took my power and made it hers. Make no mistake, her inner Demon can satisfy the most voracious appetites, and do it with ease and class.