What Is Chastity?

Posted April 1, 2024

Male chastity is a practice where a man willingly gives up control of his sexual pleasure to his partner. Learn more in this issue.

What is Keyholding aka Chastity? Male chastity is a practice where a man willingly gives up control of his sexual pleasure to his partner, usually through the use of a chastity device.

It is a means for the wearer to surrender control over their sexual behavior either for sexual play or as a long-term method of preventing infidelity or masturbation.

Scientifically when a male absents from cumming the body absorbs the cum that has already been produced and stored. If a male does not cum at all for a period of time the body just simply doesn’t create any. The body will just slowly start to reduce the amount of semen generated each day. If the guy was to cum let’s say a year later there’s a possibility there will only be a small percentage of semen in that cum, the rest is just bodily lubricant. Because the body is now producing less swimmers due to lack of need of production, it also reduces the testosterone levels that person naturally produces from his loins. Mind you Estrogen is not produced to replace this it’s just that because the testosterone levels are now low the natural estrogen that a male posses which is next to nothing becomes nearly on par with that the testosterone level making the males hormones more feminine.

Chastity is all good and fun but it needs to be done in moderation.

Keyholding is a service I offer. Meaning you pay me to hold the key to your device.

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Gym: Still going 5 days a week and more often than not 6. With the weather breaking I often use a couple of days to walk outside or ride my bicycle. I am such a perfectionist so it is never enough but it is also the perfect way to relieve stress.

Mom: Wednesday, March 27th hospice was called in for mom. Her. choice as she is of sound mind it is her body that is failing.

I invited all her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren in town for a pizza party. Not expecting to really receive a response but ended up with 18 people in town, only 2 grandchildren could not make it. We make the time for them to FaceTime with her. Friday. Friday night she had 2 mini heart attacks and was in pain Saturday. She just wanted to make it till the dinner.

It was a happy yet tearful dinner. I had all the food delivered to the assisted living place and set up the special room for everyone. That day exhausted her but she was very happy. She is tough as nails so to speak.

Saturday night 2 more mini heart attacks. Sunday she looked whipped and did a lot of resting. Her kidneys are shutting down. Watching this is awful and emotionally draining.

When she finally is at peace I will take time for a long weekend as I have not gone aways in years due to caregiving. Other than caregiving – meaning doctor appointments etc and work my life is boring.

Photoshoot: I have not lined a shoot up but have spoken with Charisma. Figuring out location and outfits as of now. Hopefully soon.

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Skyler is moving around April 22nd and currently I have very limited availability in April. She has limited time with packing etc, if you want a duo with her and I, don’t dilly dally. Once she is settled (no idea how long that will take), she plans to visit periodically. I will post when I know this information.

Mistress Madeline is sitting in for free to observe sessions. If you are interested in her watching to learn, please let me know.

Keep in mind I do have bulls available for forced bi sessions as well as T Girls – Danielle & Chelsea.


If your schedule does not permit meeting in person, keep in mind you may schedule a phone session here

A phone session can be what you want it to be:

A role play
Just to chat
To discuss fetishes or kink things you wish to explore
Some like to hear about other sessions that are similar to the ones they like.
During phone sessions I cover topics that I won’t do in person. (example Diaper play)


To see my gift list on Amazon click here. If someone wishes to purchase something that is not on my Amazon list, I will give you my P.O. Box to have it shipped there.

Your Mistress,
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