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Posted May 10, 2024

You would think with the passing of mom that life would get a bit easier. LOL Not a chance in hell.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who fulfills the role of mom! Being a mom is rewarding yet very hard at times.

My mother passed away on Sunday, April 14th so my sister and I will be going to her favorite restaurant for breakfast. After that I will be doing nothing which is my choice. Might be cycling or sitting on the couch watching Netflix.

You would think with the passing of mom that life would get a bit easier. LOL Not a chance in hell. I caregive for another family member so there is that. We are working on interviewing companies to come in a few days per week to help out.

Some may or may not know that years ago I had skin cancer, surgery and several rounds of chemo. The last round was the year Covid hit. One never gets rid of it, the cells just lay dormant in my body. Well, the precancerous cells have surfaced, well in December of 2023.

With all that was going on with mom, I put myself on the back burner. I just had my first treatment, Wednesday May 8th and will have one in June and the last in July. The laser burning machine is let’s just say painful. I will always take approximately 2 days off after each treatment. Being that it is my face, neck and chest there will probably be scaly skin and scabs.

On the flip side my skin should look better. Insurance does not cover this lovely procedure therefore please do not tell me to take off work. That comment is annoying as well as it must be nice that you are working. The procedure is thousands of dollars but I am worth it.

Work Updates

Soon a blog section with every newsletter will be available on my website. So, for those of you new to me, you will have the opportunity to go back and read every newsletter if you wish.

Soon I will be reaching out to Charisma to do a photoshoot. Outfits have been selected and now I need a location and date.

To schedule your first session or a repeat click here to Apply to Serve.


Mistress Madeline has completed training and now is available for hybrid or double dom duo’s. She paid for a few classes and then has sat in on several and participated as well.

She will never have a website and will be only working with me part time due to another job. I will be working with her this Saturday the 11th and am looking forward to our duo. She is also booked the following Saturday.

Description of Mistress Madeline – approximately 5’7, shoulder length blond hair, long legs and thin like a model.

Lady Evelyn – is still in training. She too will have no website and will be doing this part time. She will be available for hybrid or double dom sessions as well. The sessions she has sat in on have been wonderful. She has long dark hair and was referred to me by Mistress Madeline. She is engaging and fun to be around.

*Side note – Mistress Madeline & Lady Evelyn do play with each other if you know what I mean.*

They both work hard and are very eager to be a great assistant. Naturally there is a tribute, email me if you wish for more information.

To schedule your Role Play Request or regular session click on Apply To Serve Here

Repetitive Bullshit

Keep in mind I do have bulls available for forced bi sessions as well as T Girls – Danielle & Chelsea.

Duo’s with Ginger are available as well.


If your schedule does not permit meeting in person, keep in mind you may schedule a phone session here

A role play
Just to chat
To discuss fetishes or kink things you wish to explore
Some like to hear about other sessions that are similar to the ones they like.
During phone sessions I cover topics that I won’t do in person. (example Diaper play)


To see my gift list on Amazon click here.

If someone wishes to purchase something that is not on my Amazon list, I will give you my P.O. Box to have it shipped there.

Your Mistress,
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