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I am Domina Kat Morgan, I am in the upper echelon of domination, the highest class Domme you will ever experience. I torture, you worship. I dominate, you serve. I tease and then deny. You deserve every moment of punishment I can give you. Whips, paddles, trampling, cages, hooks, collars, boots. Relinquish your power. I am born to rule. I am powerful. I am beauty in control.

S&M, BDSM, and psychological control are my specialties. I will enjoy your delicious anticipation and fear as we experiment in my well-equipped dungeon, as you ache for more. I will own you in a way that only WE understand. Our relationship will be especially satisfying because we will have ongoing communication about roles and responsibilities. You will trust me no matter what our relationship ends up being: Domme/sub, Mistress/pet, Mistress/slave… use your imagination. I expect you to surprise me.

Though you will be my servant, I encourage to describe your fantasies. Tell me everything, and I will decide how to realize your desires in ways that are creatively agonizing. What scenes do you want to explore? Who or what do you want to be? I have a variety of interests and encourage you to browse through the many types of adventures I offer. Our sessions will be much more intriguing if you come ready to be turned on and tormented. I offer you the unconditional space and for you to be yourself, in ways you deserve.

Your suffering will give us both pleasure, as we unveil your deepest, darkest desires—and as we get to know each other, you will uncover more wants and needs that only I can fulfill. My command is your wish.

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They broke the mold with Mistress Kat.
A mind-bending, theater-like transcendence.
I happily worship at her boots.

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