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Read through my interests page. I suggest you do internet searches to learn more if necessary. It’s a big bad world out there, get to know it.

I am in suburban Detroit, yet can travel somewhat for our meeting. 

I have been a professional Domina for over 7 years.

A little anticipation is a good thing. Communication is of utmost importance. It is crucial that we set our stage with some planning, so that we are both comfortable with our session. Once you have been screened, you will receive a preliminary homework assignment so I may better understand needs and desires.

We will have discussed your unique needs prior to our meeting. In addition, it is imperative that you are freshly showered — good hygiene is essential. Good manners are also expected.

NO. And I will not tolerate any requests for sex. We will not be having a date or dinner. Yours is a very specific interest that I will fulfill for you.

I am a trained professional. You must make your offering to me at the beginning of our session. Cash in an envelope is preferred. We will not discuss it in person. Please be respectful and discreet. My rates are very clear.

YES. And new clients must make a 50% non-refundable deposit to me before the session, as their offering.

YES. I am open to weekends or longer visits. You will need to make a proposal.

Not at the moment. I prefer cash though other payment forms may be available. Let’s discuss.

Yes. I have a lot of accessories and costumes  in my Private Play Space. I encourage you to describe to me what you are looking for so that I can best plan our session.  Hint: I have an entire gallery dedicated to Fantasy.

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